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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Holey Moley! (See what you started DaddyP?!)

Fracas's Mole-Inspired Poem
deserves it's own post!
(And you can read it here!)
Olga, Olga… oh so sweet;
loves to travel, more so to tweet.
Her mistress ma’am… a lovely lass;
with mole like Marilyn, and lots of class!

Friends from far and wide the same,
share a goal… a common aim.
To care for Olga, have some fun…
and send her off when their time is done.

Someday she’ll be a tv star,
If Dave or Ellen would raise the bar.
And invite her on their network show…
Dear Olga’s clasps would surely glow.

She’d have the chance to do some good,
talk of smooshing boobs, I’m sure she would!
That mole might then, be famous too, Shawn.
No one deserves it more than you! are the BEST BOSOM BUDDY
a bra'wd could ever ask for!
DOUBLE-D THANKS! Mmmmmm-wah!

**Please visit Fracas' blog to read her inspiration for this AWESOME poem in this post!

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Speedcat Hollydale said...

Kind of like a Brahms Lullibye!!